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The pervasiveness and clarity of photographs today encourage exploring with color, dimension, placement of one’s own or public-domain pix.

Gerry Benoit
Ph.D., Associate Professor, Computer & Information Science
Simmons College
300 The Fenway, Boston, MA 02115
Adams House SCR,
Harvard Univ, Cambridge, MA 02138

Director, Information Science & Technology Program
Co-director, 3+1 Program (BS Computer Science/MS Info Sci)

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I teach undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral students in face-to-face, blended, and online settings.

Technical Introduction to Information Science
Systems Analysis (Computer Science/LIS)
Seminar (Doctoral)
Visual Communication
Information Visualization
Extensible Markup Language
Information Retrieval


Research activities
Information Systems
Communication Models for HCI (Theory of Communicative Action)

Encouraging Literary Tourism - a national infrastructure project grant application (2015)
Named-Entity parsing program to extract and link biomedical data (2015)
Innovation Lab - started innovation lab for students (2015)
Participatory Computing Site - facilitating participation in the design, use, interfaces, retrieval algorithm, outputs, including build your own e-book collection (2015) > Visit the project site

My interests are traveling, languages, design/graphics, music of all kinds, but especially Baroque, Classical, some modern.