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Welcome to Gerald Benoît’s Homepage

Information Communications Technology | Data Visualization | Critical Theory | Informatics

Ph.D., Associate Professor, GSLIS & Computer Science ... à la recherche de boulot et de collègues


For Spring 2010 the site’s been redesigned: courses, research, and other areas are integrated into this presentation. Many new interface options, published and in-progress papers for review and comment along with student course materials. NB: Reorganizing site in late November, 2012, so links may be offline.


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Je cherche quelques collègues des facultés de la communication, de l’informatique, de la santé, et surtout de la visualisation de l’information pour achever les recherces inter-universitaires et multilangues. Veuillez me contacter; et soyez les bienvenues!

FR et à la recherche du boulot ailleurs; ça vous intéresse? Veuillez m’envoyer un mél, svp.
DE Suchen nach neuer Beschäftigung. Wenn Sie eine Beschäftigungsmöglichkeit haben, treten Sie mit mir bitte in Verbindung. Vielen Dank.
IT Cerco la nuova occupazione, forse in Italia? Se ci sono opportunità, contattimi prego. Tante grazie.
SW Och jag alskar Sverige ochså Danmark. Finns arbetet i Uppsala, Køpenhamn eller Aarhus? 1000 tak(k).

Research and Projects server is almost online! Please visit pomme.simmons.edu


Please contact me at the Harvard email account for non-Simmons-related communications. Thanks. Associate Professor, Simmons College, Boston, MA 02115 USA | benoit at simmons dot edu
Associate, Adams House, Harvard University, Cambridge, MA 02138 | benoit at fas dot harvard dot edu

Background: PhD (UCLA), MS (Columbia Univ.), Graphic Design (Art Center), Discrete Math (Harvard Univ.), BA (UC Davis, double major)

Formerly Art Director for Imada Wong Park + Benoit
Programmer/Systems Analyst for University of California Davis and Berkeley

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Project reports, peer-reviewed and other papers, software downloads. auroraDL project link, Data Unity Merger & HC-IR Interfaces projects; "Waystation" (free file sharing); "NICK" and other applications [being updated] NB: Different servers and services at Simmons necessitated moving, recompiling and installing software, etc., so the research and projects site is not complete - but many features are available (2/21/14).

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