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The pervasiveness and clarity of photographs today encourage exploring with color, dimension, placement of one’s own or public-domain pix.
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Gerry Benoit
Ph.D., Associate Professor, Computer & Information Science
Simmons College
300 The Fenway, Boston, MA 02115
Adams House SCR,
Harvard Univ, Cambridge, MA 02138

Director, Information Science & Technology Program
Co-director, 3+1 Program (BS Computer Science/MS Info Sci)

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I teach undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral students in face-to-face, blended, and online settings.

Technical Introduction to Information Science
Systems Analysis (Computer Science/LIS)
Seminar (Doctoral)
Visual Communication
Information Visualization
Extensible Markup Language
Information Retrieval
Data Interoperability
Relational DB Mngt


Research activities
Information Systems
Communication Models for HCI (Theory of Communicative Action)

Encouraging Literary Tourism - a national infrastructure project grant application (2015)
Named-Entity parsing program to extract and link biomedical data (2015)
Innovation Lab - started innovation lab for students (2015)
Participatory Computing Site - facilitating participation in the design, use, interfaces, retrieval algorithm, outputs, including build your own e-book collection (2015) > Visit the project site

My interests are traveling, languages, design/graphics, music of all kinds, but especially Baroque, Classical, some modern.