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About the site

Although this site is not an official site of ASIS&T nor of the publisher, Information Today, Inc. (ITI), the site is your invitation to participate by sharing your expertise with others in ASIS&T, the field in general, and the public by publishing in the Monograph Series. Share your thoughts about the direction of the asis&t monograph series. Consider volunteering as a peer reviewer or co-acquisitions editor. Thanks
-Gerry Benoît, Acquisitions Editor

Peer-Review Opportunity & Co-Acquisitions Editor

Improve the quality of research and value of publications by volunteering as a peer reviewer. Your expertise will help the authors’ proposals and is a wonderful professional service activity.
To reach more areas of Information Science and provide the best guidance in developing your idea, I invite members to contact me about being a co-editor. If you’re interested please send an email.

A vision for the series

As presented to the 2013 ASIS&T Board Meeting I have a vision for developing the series and I invite your contributions. The goals for the series includes, first, to develop the Monograph Series as the resource of choice for accurate, timely, and reliable information about the range of topics of interest to ASIS&T members and practitioners, and second, to do the following:
  • Strengthen commitment to assuring education in all aspects of information science
  • Supplement and complement the efforts of researchers and professionals, from academic and private and public sectors
  • Promote improvements in the quality and usefulness of information science research for people in the field
  • Integrate work from and share efforts with researchers from similar domains
  • Provide members avenues for communicating new perspectives and best practices in a timely manner
  • Encourage deeper knowledge of the sciences and arts of information, the theories that shape behaviors, and economic and global perspectives of information services and system
  • Educate the public about information science.
I propose to meet this vision by seeking manuscript submissions:
  • From newer scholars who advance traditional research of IS or who propose new avenues of exploration
  • That show a greater spectrum of participation--from practitioners, business, kindred research fields, and popular and less popular information science scholars
  • That evidence greater participation from across the globe, encouraging participation from the developing world
  • That reflect different authorship patterns among information scientists’ research by soliciting single author, collaborating authors, and edited compilations
I plan to respond to submissions in a timely manner, helping authors make the strongest case for publishing by ITI/ASIST.
Based on the ASIS&T Mission & Vision statement.

Got an idea?

   All members are encouraged to consider participating by submitting proposals for individual authored texts, collaborative texts, or works by newer scholars from all parts of the globe. Peer review volunteers and I will reply to your proposal as soon as possible and help you grow your idea into a monograph proposal.

   As acquisitions editor, my goal is to contribute to the quality, technical precision, and usefulness of our association’s members’ research and teaching experiences. Based on the ASIS&T mission and vision, I offer a collegial perspective when pursuing proposal submissions. Monographs are helpful that establish a topical foundation for people not yet well-versed in a research area (similar to the ARIST chapters) as well as detailed monographs that advance research in an information science area.

   Proposals for monographs do not require a completed manuscript. Talk with your collaborators, friends, and colleagues about your ideas. Help shape your ideas by completing the Proposal Submission Guidelines and then send them to the acquisitions editor.

Proposal Submission Guidelines
   Once your proposal is developed and you choose to submit a manuscript, follow these manuscript preparation guidelines.

Manuscript Preparation Guidelines
    Timeline: Manuscripts of particular interest to the IS world and that conform strictly to the manuscript preparation guidelines can be published in as few as three months, although most works can see print within six months.

Monograph Proposal Guidelines

Questions? Contact...
    Even if your idea is undeveloped, or if you questions about the process, please contact me and I’ll respond asap.
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