Spring ‘15 Colloquium Series
Open to all.
Treats graciously provided by the Simmons College SLIS Dean’s Office.
Podcasts courtesy of the SLIS Computer Lab Staff.

“Preserving Artworks Digitally:   the Case of Andy Warhol’s Polaroid Photographs”
Thursday, Feb 19, 12-12:50
Trustman Gallery, Main College Building, 4th Floor
Peter Botticelli
Assistant Professor, Digital Preservation
Co-sponsored by the Trustman Art Gallery
This talk will present a case study of polaroid photographs by Andy Warhol, which were donated to the Trustman Art Gallery in 2008--through the Andy Warhol Photographic Legacy Program--after which time they were digitized. My work has explored the potential long-term effects of digitization as a means of preservation and by expanding access to the works--as hybrid analog-digital objects. I will discuss how digital curation strategies for the polaroids should account for the potentially destabilizing effects of digital curation practices on unique, non-reproducible physical objects in which the physical media has played a critical role in shaping the information contained in the work, and, by extension, how the object was originally experienced by the creator. I will argue that particularly with a relatively degradable medium such as polaroid film, it’s essential for present-day curators to document both the analog and digital instances of the work at a sufficient level of detail to permit audiences to view the digital objects in an authentic way - as free of visual distortion as possible - and also need to preserve the original aggregate or collection context of the work. In a wider perspective, a close examination of the objects in both their physical and digital instances highlights the extent to which digitization has the potential to augment and/or distort the original information values and context of the polaroids. In this regard, the polaroids offer a good example of how Warhol’s aesthetic depended on the capacity of objects to capture and repurpose very specific information about his subjects. With digitization, the range of potential meanings and uses of Warhol’s photographs has been expanded greatly, complicating the task of preserving essential information contained in the polaroids.
“Security Compromises in 2014, What’s ahead for 2015”
Thursday, Feb 26, 12-12:50, Room [tba]
Bruce Tis
Associate Professor, Computer Science
“Who founded the modern library system in China: Simmons alumna  Mary Elizabeth Wood”
date tba
Jason Wood
College Archivist & Head, Discovery Services
Presentation from Beijing at the Chinese Library Association about Simmons alumna, Mary Elizabeth Woods.
Co-sponsored by SCIRRT & SAA student chapter
“Participatory Computing”
date tba
G Benoit
Associate Professor, Computer Science & SLIS
Discussion and demonstration of an information system service project to encourage innovation in interfaces, enriching records, retrieval behaviors, and discovery. Project Site
“Copyright Literacy of Librarians”
Thursday, Mar 26, 12-12:50, Room [tba]
Laura Saunders & Allison Estell Assistant Professor; Beatley Library
date tba
Naresh Agarwal
Associate Professor, SLIS
  Simmons College
Dept of Computer Science and School of Library & Information Science
Palace Road Building, Boston, MA 02115
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