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February 17, 2009

  1. Hello Communications Students
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  3. Communications Internship
  4. Help Us Conserve Paper
  5. Computers Set to Print Double-Sided
  6. 50th annual Communication Arts Photography Competition
  7. Society of Professional Journalists
  8. Accelerated Master's Degree In Communications Management
  9. PRSSA
  10. PR Advanced
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Hello Communications Students

This is the first Spring(ish) issue of the Communicator! This issue includes a lot of important information about the Department, the Labs and Graduate Options. And if you (somehow) have lots of free time annoying you - I’ve also included a number of contests and opportunities that you should find entertaining and interesting!

If you have any questions about anything listed here, or you want more information about any of the material, say info about Communications internships, or our fabulous MCM program, shoot me an email and I’ll be happy to clarify any points! Happy Spring! Happy Warmth! -Deirdre

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Simmons College Radio


Webcasting Conference 2009

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Eight members of the Simmons College Radio management team will be attending the 68th annual Intercollegiate Broadcasting System (IBS) National Conference in NYC, March 6-8.

Students will have a choice of over 50 seminars with top media professionals from around the country and be given the opportunity to meet fellow media students from many of IBS’s 800+ member stations.

Simmons College Professor Len Mailloux will also be presenting several seminars including, “The Creativity Workshop” and “Getting Started on the Internet”.

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Communications Internship

Thinking of doing a Communications Internship for credit in the Summer or Fall of 2009? Come to a mandatory orientationto find out what steps to take.

You must be a rising junior or senior to take an internship for credit.

Internship Orientation Dates:

  • Wednesday February 18 | 1:00 P.M. - 2:00 P.M. In L-305
  • Monday March 2 | 11:00 A.M. - 12:00 P.M. In L-305
  • Tuesday February 24 | 2:00 P.M. - 3:00 P.M. In L-305

For more information visit,contact Sarah Burrows:

Help Us Conserve Paper In the CommLabs

Help us conserve paper in the CommLabs by following these few simple rules:
Only print Communications Department Coursework

Remember, the CommLabs computers and printers are for Communications coursework only. Please only print documents in the labs for your Communications courses. If you would like to use printers for other courses or personal remember that student is allowed up to 500 free prints each semester in the Simmons Library.

Print Double-Sided

The HP LaserJet 9040 printer is capable of printing double-sided. All computers in the CommLabs are set up by default to do so.

Avoid misprints

You can avoid misprints by not printing from the browser and breaking up large printouts. Avoid opening WebCT documents or online journals in the browser (e.g. Explorer or Firefox). Select Download and choose Save to Disk instead of Open. Then open the document in its “native” application and print from there. Large files (such as PowerPoint and Acrobat PDF) will print faster and with less risk of error if you print 20 pages at a time. Printing in color or grayscale can also slow the printer down; instead change the output to black and white.

Print Slides as Handouts

In PowerPoint select File then Print. In the Print What menu in the bottom left, select Handouts. Choose the number of slides you want to print per page Note: PowerPoint documents print faster when large images are removed and background colors are black and white.

Don't Print Everything

Read articles online and print only what you need. Save articles as PDF files in your network folder or on a USB flash storage device. Access files from the server at home with Print fewer copies: share articles with classmates. Copy and paste online material into a Word document, delete unnecessary images and text, and adjust font size and margins to use less space.

For more information on how to conserve paper in all Simmons labs, please see this page:

Computer Set to Print Double-Sided

The computers in the CommLabs are now set up to print double-sided to the HP LaserJet 9040 by default. You will now notice a new custom preset in your print menu called “Double Sided”.

Logo for PR Advanced: PRISSA Goes 2.0

Leave the presets on Double Sided to automatically print your documents on both sides and save the Communications Department paper.

Logo for PR Advanced: PRISSA Goes 2.0

If you do not want to print a document double-sided, you may still select “Standard” from the Presets dropdown menu.

Happy Printing!

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50th annual Communication Arts Photography Competition


Selected by a nationally representative jury of distinguished designers, art directors and photographers, the winning entries will be published in the August 2009 Photography Annual.

Over 70,000 copies of the Photography Annual will be distributed worldwide, providing competition winners with important exposure to those within the communications field.

As a service to art directors, designers, and art buyers, a comprehensive index of the winning photographers’ contact information will be included in the magazine.

What do i need?
  • Any photography first printed or produced between March 12, 2008 and March 6, 2009.
  • Title and brief description of each project.
  • Contact information for registration and notification.
  • Entries can be submitted as digital files, unmouned printed samples, and/or multimedia entries (Beta SP NTSC, DVD NTSC or mpeg files on CD-ROM)*
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Deadline: March 6, 2009

Mail entries to: 2009 Photography Competition Communication Arts 110 Constitution Drive Menlo Park, CA 94025-1107 U.S.A.

*Details on entry submissions can be found online at


  • Society of Professional Journalists

    Scholarship Opportunity for Conneticut Residents
    Residents Interested in Journalism

    The Conneticut Professional Chapter of the Society for Professional Journalists, through its Boby Eddy Scholarship Program, is offering grants of $2,000, $1,5000, $1,000 and two awards of $250 to undergraduate students pursuing careers in journalism.

    The Scholarships are available to any students planning journalism careers, who are entering their junior or senior year next fall who are Conneticut residents enrolled at a four-year college out-of-state.

    The Application deadline is April 4, 2009.

    Any questions about the scholarships can be sent to Debra A. Estock, chairwoman of The Bob Eddy Scholarship Committee at

    More information and the application form can be found at:

    Logo for PR Advanced: PRISSA Goes 2.0

    Bob Eddy was publisher and editor of the Hartford Courant. He worked at the Courant from 1962 to 1974 after many years as a journalist in the Midwest. Eddy was a founder of the Connecticut Chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists. In that role he created the SPJ Foundation that awards annual scholarships to promising young journalists to help them afford a college education. SPJ largest scholarship is named for him. Bob Eddy died in 1988 at the age of 70. (Excerpts from the HartfCourant)

    Accelerated Master’s Degree in Communications Management

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    Learn more about the Accelerated Master’s Degree in Communications Management (MCM) at Simmons College

    The Accelerated Master’s Degree in Communications Management provides an excellent opportunity for Communications Students. By participating in the Accelerated Program students can save money and earn a Master’s Degree, a differential that can be invaluable in your career.

    Accelerated MCM students have the choice to earn both their undergraduate and graduate degrees in as little as five years.

    Students who are admitted to the MCM program during their junior year have the option of completing two MCM courses during their senior year.

    Logo for PR Advanced: PRISSA Goes 2.0

    Joan Abrams, who teaches a number of courses in the Communications Department, is the Program Director of the MCM Program.

    To prepare students for the challenges of strategic communications, the MCM curriculum emphasizes five areas: managerial communication, organizational change, communications technologies, multiculturalism and global communications, and basic financial principles. Coursework explores subjects such as Internet marketing, public relations, corporate identity, community relations, and corporate social responsibility.

    The MCM degree consists of 36 credits earned by completing four core courses, four electives, and an applied learning project.

    For more information about the MCM program, please visit:

    or contact the office of Graduate Studies Admissions at 617-521-2915 or


    Logo for PR Advanced: PRISSA Goes 2.0

    What is PRSSA?

    In 1968, 20 years after its own establishment, the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) founded the Public Relations Student Society of America. The declared purpose of PRSSA is to cultivate a favorable and mutually advantageous relationship between students and professional public relations practitioners. The student society aims to foster the following:

    1. Understanding of current theories and procedures of the profession
    2. Appreciation of the highest ethical ideals and principles
    3. Awareness of an appropriate professional attitude
    4. Appreciation of Associate Membership in PRSA and eventually accredited membership
    5. Today The Public Relations Student Society of America has more than 9,600 members in 284 universities across the country.

    Logo for PR Advanced: PRISSA Goes 2.0

    Among the annual activities is a trip to Omnicom Corporate Headquarters on Madison Avenue in New York City, where Simmons trustee and alumna Carmen Baez ‘79 hosts the students.

    The Simmons College chapter co-presidents are Karen DeVincent and Christina Lenis.

    If interested in joining the Simmons Chapter please contact:

    Logo for PR Advanced: PRISSA Goes 2.0

    For more information please see PRSSA’s official website

    PR Advanced

    Logo for PR Advanced: PRISSA Goes 2.0

    Boston University PRSSA would like to cordially invite you to attend our PRSSA Regional Conference, PR Advanced: Innovation Through Leadership. The event will showcase professionals who have advanced their businesses by embracing change and original ideas. It will take place on Saturday, February 28, 2009 at Boston University’s College of Communication.

    The Conference will last from 10 a.m. until 5 p.m., with breakfast and lunch provided. Throughout the day, students will attend breakout sessions, led by prominent communications professionals from the Boston area, as well as a keynote address by Gary Sheffer, executive director of corporate communications for General Electric. At the end of the day, there will be a career fair where companies and students can interact on a more personal level. A main goal of the conference is to bring together leading professionals and students to make meaningful and productive connections.

    Last year’s Conference, PR Advanced: PRSSA Goes 2.0, was a great success. Our keynote speaker Rick Murray, president of Edelman Digital, and our other excellent speakers helped to attract more than 120 students from 10 different universities and colleges. Last year, 14 different organizations met with our participants at the career fair to network and provide more information on their company and various opportunities. This year, we hope to have an even bigger and better conference, and we would love for you to join us.

    PR Advanced: Innovation Through Leadershippromises to be an opportunity for professionals and students to interact and share their passion for innovative communication. To register, please send in the attached registration form and payment.

    Early registration, which must be received by the PR Advanced committee by Friday, February 20, is $20 for PRSSA members and affiliates and $25 for non-members. Day-of registration for members and non-members is $35, so be sure to send in your checks/cash early! Checks should be made out to Boston University PRSSA. Please be sure to add your e-mail address on the registration form so we can contact you with any updates or information on the Conference.

    The Conference committee looks forward to seeing you on February 28! Check out our Web site at

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    Lab Monitor Schedule

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