:The Next Generation [program]

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March 15   March 16  
8:30am Registration & Breakfast 9:00am Registration & Breakfast
9:00am Welcome to "DH: The Next Generation" 9:30am Welcome
                John Unsworth, Brandeis University                  John Unsworth, Brandeis University
9:30am Session I: Panel: "DH in Archives & Collections" 10:00am Session VI: Flipped Session: "Faculty-Librarian Collaboration in the Classroom"
               Daniel Johnson, Brown University                  Carla Martin, Harvard University
               Shane Landrum, Brandeis University & Florida International University                  Caro Pinto, Hampshire College
               Nicole Topich, Harvard University 10:45am Session VII: Presentation: "Emerging Practices in Digital Humanities Teaching"
11:00am Break                  Tim Lindgren, Boston College
11:15am Session II: Flipped Session: "The Early American Foreign Service Database"                  Lindsay Whitacre, Boston College
               Jean Bauer, Brown University 11:30am Break
12:00pm Lunch 11:45am Session VIII: Participatory Session: "Data Artifacts Workshop"
1:00pm Session III: Panel: "DH Methods in the Traditional Dissertation"                  Matthew Battles, Harvard University
              Erin Bartram, University of Connecticut                  Yanni Alexander Loukissas, Harvard University
              Debra Caplan, Harvard University 12:30pm Lunch
              Jason Lipshin, Massachusetts Institute of Technology 1:30pm Session IX: Hands-on Session: "Code as Cultural Artifact"
              Lincoln Mullen, Brandeis University                  Patsy Baudoin, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
2:30pm Break                  Nick Montfort, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
2:45pm Session IV: Paper: "Network Visualizations & the History of Science" 2:15pm Break
              Jia Zhang, Massachusetts Institute of Technology 2:30pm Session X: Presentation: "From Images to Data and Back Again: Using Images and Visualizations in Digital Humanities Research"
3:30pm Break                  Michael Simeone, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
3:45pm Session V: Discussion Session: "DH and History" 3:15pm Session XI: Discussion Session: "Libraries and DH; Data as Artifacts"
              Ondine LeBlanc, Massachusetts Historical Society                  Michele Cloonan, Simmons College Graduate School of Library and Information Science
              Kathryn Tomasek, Wheaton College                  Jerome McDonough, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
4:30pm Wrap-up 4:00pm Break
              John Unsworth, Brandeis University 4:15pm Wrap-up
4:45pm Optional Social Session at Massachusetts Historical Society                  John Unsworth, Brandeis University

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