Ann Fleck-Henderson, Simmons College, GSSW
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Ann Fleck-Henderson, Professor

Simmons College, School of Social Work
300 The Fenway, Boston, MA 02115
Office: Room: P-412F
Phone: 617/521-3913
FAX: 617/521-3980

Academic Degrees:

The Fielding Institute: Ph.D.
Columbia University: M.S.S.S.
Harvard/Radcliffe College: B.A.

  • Curriculum Vita
  • Course(s):

    030: Bridge to Graduate Education
    581: Leadership in anti-violence work
    671: Learning and Teaching in Social Work

    Personal Statement:

    My areas of academic interest include intellectual and ethical development, and issues of family violence. The former grew out of professional work in clinical developmental psychology and college counseling; the latter out of political work on domestic violence issues. Teaching, curriculum development, and work with agencies concerned with family violence are my major professional preoccupations. I serve on the Massachusetts NASW Committee on Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault, belong to the Boston Liberation Health Group, sit on a domestic violence team at a Boston office of the Department of Children and Families, and consult with the Family Violence Prevention Fund on a number of projects. Currently, I teach two classes that have outside support, in addition to a doctoral class. The Bridge to Graduate Education (SW030) is an intensive course for bi-cultural and/or bi-lingual human service workers interested in getting an MSW. Leadership in Anti-Violence Work (SW581) is an interdisciplinary class, sponsored in part by the Family Violence Prevention Fund. In 2009-2010 I will be employed by Simmons only half-time as I approach retirement in 2010.

    Recent publications:

    Gilfus, M. , Trabold, N., O'Brien, P., & Fleck-Henderson, A. (in press). Gender and intimate partner violence: Evaluating the evidence. Journal of Social Work Education.

    Fleck-Henderson & Melendez (2009). Conversation and conflict: Supporting authentic dialogue in the classroom. Journal of Teaching in Social Work 29(1), 32-46.

    Fleck-Henderson, A. & Arean, J.C. (2004). Fathering after violence: Materials and guidelines for batterers' intervention programs. Published by the Family Violence Prevention Fund.

    Fleck-Henderson, A. (2004). Application of theoretical frameworks for domestic violence. Published in Danis, F. & Lockhart, L. (Eds.) (2004). Breaking the Silence in Social Work Education: Domestic Violence Modules for Foundation Courses. Washington, DC: CSWE.

    Fleck-Henderson, A., Jenson, S., and the Massachusetts NASW Committee on Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault (2004). Web-based domestic violence training program for Massachusetts social workers. Available at

    Fleck-Henderson, A. & Melendez, M. (2002). Two case studies. In Scales, T. L., Wolfer, T.A., Sherwood, D.A, Garland, D.R. Hugen, B., and Pittman, S.W. (eds). Spirituality and Religion in Social Work Practice: Decision Cases with Teaching Notes, Washington D.C.: Council on Social Work Education.

    Fleck-Henderson, A. (2002). The modern student and the post-modern curriculum: Developmental issues in learning. Journal of Teaching in Social Work, 22, 3-15.

    Fleck-Henderson, A. (2000). Domestic violence in the Child Protection System: Seeing double. Children and Youth Services Review, 22, 333-354.

    Mills, L., Friend, C., Conroy, K., Fleck-Henderson, A., Krug, S., Magen, R., Thomas, R., Trudeau, J. (2000). Child Protection and domestic violence: Training, practice, and policy issues. Children and Youth Services Review, 22, 315-322.

    Recent Presentation:

    Fleck-Henderson, A. "Domestic Violence: Challenges and Opportunities for Intervention" presented at the Harvard Medical School Continuing Education Conference on Treating Couples. Boston, MA. November 2009.

    Fleck-Henderson, A., "Leadership Development in Anti-violence Work." Presented at the National Conference on Health and Domestic Violence. New Orleans, LA. October 2009.

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