Sheldon George  ·  Professor of Literature & Writing  ·  Simmons University ·  Boston, MA

Sheldon George is Professor and Chair of the Department of  Literature & Writing at Simmons University in Boston, Massachusetts.  He is an Associate Editor of Psychoanalysis, Culture and Society, and he is Secretary of the MLA forum Psychology, Psychoanalysis and Literature.


George's scholarship centers on Lacanian psychoanalytic theory, narrative theory, and American and African American literature and culture.  He is author of Trauma and Race:  A Lacanian Study of African American Racial Identity, which has been called “The most important book on psychoanalysis and race in the twenty-first century” and is described as a book that "has changed the landscape of thinking about racism.”


George is coeditor , with Jean Wyatt, of Reading Contemporary Black British and African American Women Writers: Race, Ethics, Narrative Form.  He is also coeditor, with Derek Hook, of Lacan and Race: Racism, Identity and Psychoanalytic Theory.


George's current book project is an essay collection, coedited with Jean Wyatt, titled Experimental Subjectivities: Race, Difference and Narrative Innovation in Contemporary Black Women’s Novels.  The collection explores  ways that black women writers experiment with literary form and pioneer stylistic inventions to express the subjectivities of their black characters.