How to Pick Colors

Clearly all of the hex, rgb and hsl values are not actually conducive to picking good colors for your websites. To do this, you may want to use a color picking utility. There are a number of options to choose from.

Traditional Color Pickers

Adobe Photoshop Color Picker

A screenshot of the Photoshop color picker

The Adobe Photoshop color palette is easily accessible on all the lab computers.

Note: Photoshop HSB ≠ CSS HSL

Online Color Picker

You can also use a color picker online that looks very similar to the Photoshop one. An example is the picker at

W3C HTML Color Picker

W3C Schools has a nice interface to pick colors of various shades.

CSS Tricks

CSS Tricks has a page that allows you to explore and pick from HSLA colors.

Note: you have to click on a color to update the color codes. The second slider represents the alpha channel.

Color Scheme Generators

There are many tools online that allow you took pick color schemes.

There are also iOS and Android apps for Adobe Capture CC. These allow you to point the camera at something and generate a color scheme.

Other Color Tools

Digital Color Meter

A screenshot of the Digital Color Meter applicationTo capture a color that you see on your screen, you can use the Digital Color Meter utility that comes with macOS.

You can find it in
/Applications/Utilities/DigitalColor Meter.

This utility will give you a tiny cursor, and will show you whatever colors you move over.

What will it look like big?

Color by hailpixel is a neat tool that allows you to see a color at a large size while picking a scheme.

Other Sites

There are tons of color tools out there. Webflow Blog has a list of The 11 best color tools for designers and Creative Bloq lists 25 different tools in The 25 best tools for choosing a colour scheme.

Experimenting with CSS Colors

You can experiment with using colors in your CSS by using the following properties:

When experimenting with border colors, remember to also set the border width and border style using the appropriate CSS properties.