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What is Collaborate?

Use Collaborate to hold a synchronous, online class. With Collaborate, you can give PowerPoint presentations, hold class discussions, exchange files, and more in real time. All you will need is an Internet connection and a web browser.

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  • A stable Internet connection. (For the most reliable results, we recommend a wired connection.)
  • An up-to-date web browser.
  • If you plan to include an audio component to the class, you will need a microphone and speakers.
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Begin your Collaborate session

  1. Enter the Collaborate session as moderator according to the instructions sent to you by email.
  2. You will see a pop-up message. Click Allow or Ok. If you are asked to download a .jnlp file, choose Open, or save the file and open it after downloading. Note: your browser settings must allow pop-ups in order for Collaborate to work.
  3. Collaborate will launch.
  4. A recording reminder message will pop up. Choose Close if you do not want to record the session right away. Choose Start if you want to record the session right away.
  5. In the Participants list, the default moderator's name is AnVinh. This is you.

Change the moderator (optional)

If you would like your name to appear as the moderator instead of AnVinh, please follow these steps. You will need to use two different browsers (e.g., Firefox and Chrome)

  1. In a different browser, enter the session as a Participant according to the instructions sent to you by email.
  2. On the login page, enter your name. This is the name other participants will see.
  3. Click Log in. You will now have two separate Collaborate windows, one in which you are the moderator (AnVinh) and one in which you are a participant (your name).
  4. In the original Collaborate window, the moderator's name (AnVinh) will appear followed by You. From this window, right-click on your real name. From the drop-down menu, click Give moderator privileges.
  5. You will be asked to confirm. Click Yes. The note (Moderator) will now appear below your real name.
  6. Close this window to end AnVinh's session.
  7. Navigate to your second Collaborate window. In the list of participants, you should now see Moderator (You) below your name. You are now the sole moderator of the session.
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Invite participants

To invite other participants to the session you are moderating, give them the Participants link. You can find the link in our email. You can also find it from Collaborate by going to the Tools menu and choosing In-Session Invite > Invite New Participant. Click Compose Email or simply copy the link shown and give to participants.

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Launch a PowerPoint presentation

  1. Above the whiteboard, click Load Content.
  2. In the Load Content pop-up window,navigate to the PowerPoint presentation file on your computer. Click Open. PowerPoint will load the file and the presentation will now appear in the Whiteboard Main Room. (This may take a few moments.)
  3. A separate Page Explorer pop-up window will open. Use the arrows to navigate through the slides, or double-click on the icon of an individual slide to display it to participants. You can close this window if you prefer to navigate through the slides from the top of the Whiteboard.


You can text-chat with participants with Collaborate's instant messaging system. To do this, in the Chat window, in the message field, type your comments. Hit the return button to send your message. Your message will now appear in the chat window and will be visible by all participants.

You can send private messages. From the Participants window, right-click on the partipant you would like to privately message and choose Send a Private Chat. The private message will appear in the Chat window in a new tab with the other person's name (as opposed to the Room tab). Please note that moderators can see all private messages by default.


You can talk to participants by using a microphone.

To begin, from the Audio & Video window, click Talk. A microphone icon will appear in the Talk button and next to your name in the Participants list.

  • We recommend using an external microphone instead of your computer's built-in microphone to reduce outside noise.
  • We recommend first running Collaborate's Audio Setup Wizard. From the Tools menu, choose Audio > Audio Setup Wizard.
  • Please note that there may be a slight delay for Collaborate to transmit your voice. In particular, if participants have slow Internet connections, they may experience delays.
  • You can adjust the microphone volume by moving the microphone slider above the Talk button. You can adjust the speaker volume by moving the speaker slider above the Video button.
  • You can limit the number of simultaneous speakers by going to the Tools menu and choosing Audio > Maximum Simultaneous Talkers. Choose the number of simultaneous talkers and click OK.
  • To assist students who cannot hear the session, you might consider asking for a volunteer in advance to use the Chat tool to transcribe the audio during the conference.
  • To shut off talking, click the Talk button again.


You can broadcast a video of yourself with your computer's webcam.

From the Audio & Video window, click Video. In a few moments, Collaborate will broadcast a video stream of you from your computer's webcam. A webcam icon will appear in the Video button and next to your name in the Participants list.

  • In the Audio & Video window, the large image will be the one that is broadcast to all participants. Smaller icons of the other participants will be displayed below it.
  • By default, the broadcasted video follows the person talking (automatically detected by Collaborate).
  • To broadcast only the moderator's video, from the Tools menu, choose Video > Make Video Follow Moderator Focus.
  • To change the camera settings, from the Tools menu, choose Video > Camera Settings.
  • To shut off your webcam, click the Video button again.

Record a session

You may wish to record a session to share with individuals who were unable to attend the live session.

To start recording, on the top-right of the screen, click the Record button. The button will now say Recording.

  • To stop recording, on the top-right of the screen, click the Recording button.
  • To erase the recording, from the Tools menu, choose Recorder > Erase Recording.
  • To access a recording later, visit the listing of all GSLIS Collaborate recordings. Locate your recording by date and click Play. Collaborate will launch and play the recording. Please note that it may take some time after you stop recording the session for the link to appear on this page.
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  • Use a wired connection (wireless signals can be unreliable) and ask your participants to do the same.
  • Schedule a personal practice session to get acquainted with Collaborate and become familiar with the activities you will do in the class.
  • Practice by using the same computer and set-up that you will use when hosting the session.
  • Give your students time to become acclimated to the Collaborate environment before starting your activities.
  • If you plan to use sound, run the Audio Set-Up Wizard (Tools > Audio > Audio Set-Up Wizard ) and ask your participants to do the same. Anticipate spending a few minutes troubleshooting with your participants.
  • As with any live performance, have a backup plan.

For more documentation, visit the Collaborate Learning Center.

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