Migration to Gmail

Migration to Gmail

Simmons will be moving from Webmail to Gmail on Friday, May 25th at 5pm.

After that time, you'll be able to log in here:

Before the Migration

Export Webmail Address Book

Personal address books you have created at email.simmons.edu will not be automatically migrated to Gmail. You should export them now, before the migration, and then import them into Gmail after the migration.

  1. Log in at email.simmons.edu
  2. Click address book at the top of the screen
  3. Select your personal address book from the menu on the left
  4. Click the check box for all contacts you want to export, or select all by clicking the first check box
  5. Click export in the menu just above the list of contacts
  6. Click the blue export button
  7. You will now have a file called "contacts.csv" saved on your computer. You can use this later to import into Gmail.

Rename Folders

Rename any folder that has a special character in the name:
 *, ( ), { }, [ ], \, %, “, ^, `, 

After the Migration


You might find that some of your older archived emails are not immediately available. This is due to the large amount of data being moved and we expect that you will have most of your archived email available by the end of the weekend.

Import Webmail Address Book

To import contacts to Simmons Gmail:

  1. Sign in to Simmons Gmail.
  2. Click Contacts (located above the Compose Mail button) on any Gmail page.
  3. From the More actions dropdown menu, select Import....
  4. Click the Choose File button.
  5. Select the CSV file of the address book you exported from Webmail before the migration.
  6. Click the Import button.

When it's done, Gmail will display the number of contacts imported. If you receive any error messages during the import, you might need to edit your CSV file.


If you previously forwarded your Simmons email to a different account (Yahoo, Hotmail, or a personal Gmail account, for example) and wish to continue doing so, you will need to set this up in your Simmons Gmail. Instructions

Using Gmail on a Mobile Device or Email Client

If you wish to use Simmons Gmail on your mobile device or via an email client using IMAP, change your password at https://preferences.simmons.edu. Please be patient while the new password is pushed to Google.

For more detailed instructions, visit the Simmons Connection website.