Blocks are useful widgets that you can add, arrange, or remove from your courses's sidebars. Blocks facilitate course organization, provide links to course tools, or keep students up-to-date with course activities. Blocks available to choose from include People, which lists the participants in your course; Activities, which provides a list of activities you've created; Latest News which lists class announcements; and several others.

Moodle Layout

Add, arrange, or remove blocks

To customize your sidebars, make sure you have editing turned on (at the top right of the page, click the Turn editing on button). Once editing is turned on, you can:

  • Remove a box by clicking the box's X icon. (You can always restore removed blocks later.)
  • Move a box up, down, or into the other sidebar by clicking on the box's arrow icons.
  • Hide a box from student view by clicking on the box's eye icon.
  • Add a new box to your sidebar. From the Blocks block, click on the Add drop-down menu.
Picture of a Moodle Block

Create a two-column layout

By default, your Moodle course has three columns.

You might prefer a two-column layout if you do not need to use many blocks, or if you would like Moodle's content sections to fill more of the page.

To change to a two-column layout, turn editing on. Using the arrows for each box, move all boxes from one of the sidebars into the other sidebar.

When you are done, in one sidebar you should have only the Blocks block or no block at all. When you turn editing off, the content sections will expand to fill in the extra space.

Two Column Layout