Embed YouTube Videos in Moodle

Embed YouTube videos into Moodle webpages so your students can watch without leaving Moodle.

Step 1: Get YouTube Video Embed Code

  1. Go to the YouTube video you would like to show your students.
  2. Under the video, click Share. A box with a link to the video will open.
  3. Under the link, click Embed. A box with the embed code will open. (Note: below the embed code, you will see additional options for customizing the display of the video. If you select one of these customizations, the embed code will change accordingly.)
  4. Making sure all the embed code is selected, copy the code.

Step 2: Embed the YouTube Video in Moodle

  1. Go to your course in Moodle.
  2. From the upper right of the Moodle course, click Turn editing on.
  3. In the section from where you would like to link your file, from the Add a resource drop-down menu, choose Compose a web page. The Adding a new Resource screen will open.
  4. Give your webpage a name (this will be visible to students).
  5. Optionally write a short summary to describe your page. This summary appears in the list of Resources.
  6. Under Compose a web page, under Full text, in the toolbar, click on the HTML icon (looks like a pair of angle brackets).
  7. Create Moodle Webpage
  8. Paste in the YouTube embed code.
  9. If you like, you can add additional text, images, or videos to contextualize the YouTube video.
  10. At the bottom of the screen, click Save and return to course. The link to the web page will now appear in the course section.