Student Access

GSLIS Enrollment

If you are teaching a standard, semester-long course with GSLIS Moodle, students registered for your course in AARC will be automatically added to your Moodle course at the beginning of the semester.

  • Don't forget to make your course available to students before the semester begins.
  • Students will not appear in your Moodle Participants list until they log in to your course for the first time.
  • AARC is always the most current and reliable roster of your class.
  • Students who have just added the course may not have access to the course for 1-2 business days.
  • If a student who has dropped your class continues to appear in your Participants list, please email

CE Enrollment

If you are teaching an online Continuing Education course with CE Moodle, your students will enroll in your course individually by creating an CE Moodle account and using a unique enrollment key to access your course. If a student has trouble with this process, you can direct them to or

Once your student has used the enrollment key to join your course, you will see them listed in your Participants list.

Don't forget to make your course available to students a few days before the start of the workshop.

Course Availability

Make your course available to students.

Public Presence

Occasionally you will want students to be able to see your course description or syllabus before they have access to your Moodle course. Alternatively, you may wish to publicize your course to students who are not yet formally enrolled. If so, you might want to consider giving your course a public presence by creating a course website, either from scratch or by using GSLIS Blogs.

If you would like help or advice with this process, please contact the Tech Lab.