GSLIS Digital Announcements

Advertise your GSLIS events and activities digitally on the Tech Lab and Student Services information screens.

Send your slide!

Email with:

  • Your PowerPoint slide
  • Slide expiration date
  • Contact person and email address

Announcement guidelines

  • Submit your slide 10 days prior to an event.
  • All slides should be in PowerPoint (.ppt or .pptx) format.
  • Slideshows are hosted on a Mac; display may vary slightly from your computer.
  • Avoid non-standard fonts to ensure proper formatting.
  • Please restrict slides to 1 announcement per slide.
  • Announcements must be relevant to the GSLIS community and may be moderated.

Submit early! Sending your slide 10 days in advance ensures your slide will be in rotation for a week. We will do our best to post slides in a timely manner, but cannot promise to post slides on short notice.

Questions? Call the Tech Lab at 617-521-2802.