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Saffron: An LGBTQ+ SWANA Archive is a collecting project designed by Caitlin Abadir-Mullally (kt).

Caitlin Abadir-Mullally (kt) is a Lesbian Coptic-American artist and archivist based in Philadelphia. She works to create communities for those who live between spaces. Her research dives into fear, hybridity, queerness, collective thinking, grief, and cultural loss. Caitlin Abadir-Mullally works in sculpture, collage, performance, and relationship building. Caitlin Abadir-Mullally is pursuing a master’s degree in library and information science with a focus in archival studies. She is passionate about documenting diasporic queer Southwest Asian and North Afrikan joy and complexity, and the agency of the living to decide how their narratives are preserved.

To see more of KT's work please visit her website at caitlinabadirmullally.com

KT in their studio in Philadelphia

Get in touch! Email me at caitlinabadirmullally@gmail.com

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