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Finding Aids

Coptic Queer Stories Collection, 2018-2021: Coll. 1

Abstract: Coptic Queer Stories is an online magazine covering gender, sexuality, race & religion that aims to record experiences of Coptic LGBTQ+ individuals in the diaspora. The collection includes interviews, poetry and information about the activism and programs by Coptic Queer Stories.

YallaPunk Collection, 2017-2022: Coll. 2

Abstract: YallaPunk is an arts and culture organization based in Philadelphia that supports and celebrates the artistic accomplishments of Southwest Asian and North African individuals. The records in the collection include ephemera from the festival including posters, photographs, music gear and an incense burner.

FORTUNE/Many Folds Press Collection, 2019-2021: Coll. 3

Finding Aid in Progress

Abstract: FORTUNE is a Philadelphia-based publication project, assembled by and for queer Asian publics.The FORTUNE/Many Folds Press Collection contains two collections of publications, the FORTUNE zines Boxed Set (issues 1–13) and the Mail in Library 2021.

Publication/Zine Collection, 2020-2021: Coll. 4

Finding Aid in Progress

Abstract: This is a collection of publications and zines by or featuring LGBTQ+ SWANA artists and creators.

LGBTQ+ SWANA Artwork Collection, 2018-2022: Coll. 5

Abstract: This is a collection of artworks by or featuring LGBTQ+ SWANA artists and creators. It features music, textiles, painting and body art.

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