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GSLIS BiblioMystery - Introduction

The Graduate School of Library and Information Science at Simmons College, in Boston, Massachusetts, has been gathering bibliomysteries for about three decades. We have a large physical collection and an equally large wishlist.

Bibliomysteries are mysteries in which books, manuscripts, libraries of any kind, archives, publishing houses, or bookstores occupy a central role, or mysteries in which librarians, archivists, booksellers, etc. are protagonists or antagonists (and preferably the location or occupation is important to the plot or theme). Our collection does not include academic mysteries or mysteries which happen to be about journalists, authors, or literary figures unless libraries, books, manuscripts, archives, and so on, are important to the plot.

The physical collection exists in the Simmons College Library, 300 The Fenway, Boston, MA 02115-5898. For more information on visiting the collection, contact GSLIS Librarian Linda Watkins (

Imprints are based on our collection, which is primarily paperback (used), and there is no attempt to capture complete bibliographic history. Where available, annotations are given. Annotations are either created by the list maintainer and her cohorts, or by Marsha McCurley (late and greatly missed keeper of the BiblioMystery website), or by the late Seth D. Bartner. Annotations for unannotated materials would be appreciated.

All suggestions and donations are gratefully accepted and gifts are acknowledged with a giftplate. Financial support from the Library & Information Science Students' Association is gratefully acknowledged, as are the help and material contributions of GSLIS Librarian Linda Watkins; students and alumnae Laura Reiner, Lee Wohlers, Amanda Peters, and Karen Breda; mysterious benfactor Jim Bankiewicz; the Marsha McCurley collection donated by her husband; and recently the generosity of Virginia (Ginny) Vesper of Middle Tennessee State University. Mail books to Candy Schwartz, Graduate School of Library & Information Science, Simmons College, 300 The Fenway, Boston, MA 02115-5898.

Permission to reproduce in any form is freely granted.

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