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SIG/CON: Rules & Regs

The constitution and by-laws of SIG/CON are a simple adaptation of the standard SIG template.


Article I. Name

The name of this organization is SIG/CON.

Article II. Amendment

The Constitution may not be amended.


Article I. Membership

All members in good standing of the American Society of Information Science are members of SIG/CON. SIG/CON shall have no dues.

Article II. Officers and Representatives

SIG/CON shall have no elections. Llewellyn C. Puppybreath, III, is the permanent and perpetual Chair of SIG/CON. Each Acting Chair acts as Program Chair, and appoints the next Acting Chair/Program Chair at the annual business meeting of SIG/CON, held concurrently with the annual SIG/CON session. Appointment may not be refused.

Article III. Meetings

There shall be one SIG/CON session per year, held at the Annual Meeting of ASIS, and it shall not appear at the same time as any other program event.
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