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SIG/CON is an award-winning Special Interest Group of the American Society for Information Science [& Technology], or ASIS[T]. The function of SIG/CON is to "explore the fundamental notions of information science, and expose them for what they are" (C.D. Batty, Remarks at SIG/CON, 1987).

How?[page top]

SIG/CON has been in the forefront of research across all areas of study, although the group is perhaps best known for advancing the theories of baloonean logic and titular colonicity. The roster of distinguished information scientists who have made public (with startling and refreshing lucidity) their research findings at SIG/CON represent the diversity of national and international institutions associated with this field.

  • Faculty
    • the Georgia Institute of Technology
    • UCLA
    • the University of Illinois at Chicago
    • the University of Michigan
    • the University of St. Pierre et Miquelon
    • the Unseen University
  • Information industry chiefs
    • the American Petroleum Institute
    • the Colorado Alliance of Research Libraries
    • the Information Access Corporation
    • INSPEC
    • the Institute of Paper Chemistry
    • King Research, Inc.
    • the SUNY/OCLC Network
  • National and research agencies of renown
    • the Berlin Institute of Information Consciousness and Unconsciousness
    • the CIA (unattributed of course)
    • the Drug Enforcement Administration
    • the National Library of Medicine
    • the Society for Protection of Research Seeking Entities

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