General, physical and inorganic chemistry


My courses are based on a broad conception of the relationship between structure and chemical behavior. I feel that chemistry has a strong visual component, and I encourage my students to use computer modeling and other computer resources as learning aids and as chemistry tools.

CHEM113 Principles of Chemistry - stresses the connections of atomic structure (electronic structure) and molecular structure (electronic structure plus molecular shape) with the properties of elements and compounds.

CHEM332 Quantum Chemistry - investigates the insights afforded by wave mechanics for understanding atomic and molecular structure and behavior, using molecular modeling as a principal tool.

CHEM341 Advanced Analytical Chemistry - explores chemical instruments "under the hood" to give students a practical understanding of how spectra are generated as well as the skills to troubleshoot instrumental difficulties.

CHEM348 Advanced Inorganic Chemistry - examines the physical and chemical behavior of inorganic materials from the perspective of wave mechanics.

PHYS121 Materials: Structure - connects the key properties of industrially important materials (metals, ceramics, polymers, semiconductors) with their structural characteristics.

PHYS220 Materials Modeling - applies advanced molecular modeling methods to the study of ceramics and polymeric materials.