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There are 13 class sessions. The table below displays the course schedule by Session Number and Date, Topics, Readings and Assignments.

Here is a list of important dates and no-class dates:

9/10: First meeting of class
9/17: Presentation by Marshall Breeding, the Director for Innovative Technologies and Research for the Jean and Alexander Heard Library at Vanderbilt University, on the evolution of library automation marketplace
9/24: Demo from Ex Libris representative Jenny Forbes on Voyager and Primo
10/1: Demo from Innovative Interfaces, Inc. representative Susan Wagner on Millennium, Encore and other III products
10/8: The class attends NISO Forum Library Resource Management Systems: New Challenges, New Opportunities

10/15: Presentation by Imani Beverly of
Smith Leadership Academy Library on automating a charter school library
10/22: Demo by Judith Narosny,
Simmons Library Cataloger, on Millennium cataloging module and authority control tools (3:30-4;15); Presentation by Nathan Mealey, Systems Librarian at Simmons, on library system technological infrastructure and running Millennium ILS at Simmons (4:30-5:30). The class session takes place in L225.
10/29: Presentation by Betsy Eggleston,
Collections and Knowledge Management Librarian, Harvard Countway Library, on experience working with ILS
11/5: Presentation by Kim Maxwell, Head of MIT Serials Acquisition, on using ILS for serial acquisition

11/12: Presentation by Benjamin Florin, GSLIS Blended Learning Coordinator, on content management systems and electronic resource tools
Presentation by Roy Tennant, Senior Program Officer OCLC Programs and Research, on ILS trend
Talk by Andrew Pace, Executive Director, Networked Library Services OCLC, on nextgen ILS and ILS vendor landscape
12/10: Class presentation on term project, class ends


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Session 1: Introductions; Overview and History of Library Automation


Distributed: Assignment 1-- Vendor/Product Review


Session 2: Automation Systems Defined; Automation Vendors

Presentation: Marshall Breeding on the evolution of automation system marketplace (4:15-5:30)

  • Schultz-Jones,  Chapter 1-2
  • Wilson, chapter 1, 3
  • Pace, Chapter 1
  • Borgman, C. (1997). From acting locally to thinking globally: A brief history of library automation. Library Quarterly, 67(3), 215-249.
  • Kochtanek & Mattews, Chapter 2. The ILS Marketplace, p. 14-19. (Available on course E-learning site).
Session 3: Automation Systems Marketplace

Demo: Ex Libris Jenny Forbes presents on Voyager & Primo (4:15-5:30)

Distributed: Term Project
Session 4: Technical Considerations and Open Source ILS

Demo: Innovative Interfaces, Inc. Susan Wagner presents on Millenium, ERM, and Encore (4:15-5:30)

Due: Assignment 1

Distributed: Assignment 2 -- Library automation site study


Session 5: Library Resource Management Systems: libraries, users, system selection, vendors business, and open source

No lecture: Class participates in NISO Forum

All students attend Day 1 NISO forum

Session 6: Automation Project Planning; System Selection and Implementation

Presentation: Imani Beverly speaks on automating a small charter school library (4:15-5:30)

  • Hodgson, C. (2002). The RFP writer's guide to standards for library systems (Available on course E-learning site).
  • Schultz-Jones, Chapter 9-12
  • Pace, Chapter 5, 6
  • Cervone, F. (2007). ILS migration in the 21st century: Some new things to think about this time around. (Available on course E-learning site).
  • Additional readings: Cohn, et al. (2001). Planning for integrated systems and technologies: A how-to-do-it manual for librarians. Part I, II & III.( Available on reserve at Simmons Library)


Distributed: Assignment 3 -- ILS Functional Requirement Document; Extra-credit Assignment

Team formation for the Term Project



Session 7: Cataloging and Authority Modules

Demo: Judith Narosny, Simmons Library Cataloger demos on cataloging items using Millennium cataloging module and authority control tools (3:30-4:15)

Demo & Presentation: Nathan Mealey on system infrasturcture of Millennium ILS at Simmons (4:30-5:30)


Due:Assignment 2

The class session takes place in L225

Session 8: Circulation Module

Presentation: Betsy Eggleston on ILS experience from Harvard Countway Library of Medicine (4:15-5:30)

  • Wilson, Chapter 6
  • Pace, Chapter 7
  • Surpass Central User Guide. P. 133-283. Focus on sections on "Patrons," "Circulation," and "Setup." (Available on course E-learning site).
  • Breeding, M. (2008). Circulation Technologies From Past to Future

Session 9: Acquisition and Serials Modules

Presentation: Kim Maxwell, Head of MIT Serials Acquisition, on using ILS for serial acquisition  (4:15-5:30)


Distributed:Assignment 4 -- nextgen ILS case investigation 



Session 10: Content Management Systems and Electronic Resource Tools

Guest Lecture: Ben Florin talks about CMS and online library resource tools

  • Browning, P. and Lowndes, M. (2002). Content Management System: Who Needs Them? Ariadne Issue 30.
  • McBride, M. (2004). Open source weblog content management systems. Searcher, 12(9), 24-29. (Available on course E-learning site)
  • Wisniewski, J., & Stenstrom, C. (2007). Content management systems. Computers in Libraries, 22. (Available on course E-learning site)
  • Miller, J. B. (2009). Internet technologies and information services. Chapter 16: Libraries and the Internet: Learning from the past, exploring the future.  (Available on course E-learning site)


Due:Assignment 3


Session 11: OPAC and Resource Sharing

Presentation: Presentation by Roy Tennant, Senior Program Officer OCLC Programs and Research, on ILS trend (4:15-5:30)


Session 12: Patron Empowerment and Next Generation ILS

Presentation: Andrew Pace, Executive Director, Networked Library Services OCLC, on "Library Automation 1.0 in a 2.0 World" (4:15-5:30)

  • Wilson, Chapter 12
  • Schultz-Jones, Chapter 5
  • Pace, Chapter 8
  • Breeding,  Next generation ILS (Available on course E-learning site)
  • Gordon, Information tomorrow: Reflections on technology and the future of public and academic libraries. (Available on reserve in library). Select a chapter of interest to read
Due: Assignment 4


Session 13: Term Project Presentation     
Due: Written Project Report

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