Simmons College
Boston, Massachusetts


Biography - Dr. Bruce Tis 

         Bruce Tis is an associate professor of computer science in the College of Arts and Sciences at Simmons College,  where he develops and teaches courses on data structures and algorithms, operating systems, computer networks, computer security and computer architecture.  He is also Chair of the Computer Science and Information Technology Department. 

He received  B.S.E.E. and  M.S.E.E. (Computer Science Option) degrees from Northeastern University,  and a Ph.D. degree  in Computer Engineering from Boston University. 

Prior to joining the faculty of Simmons College in 1998 he was an assistant professor at Boston University where he taught courses in the M.S. of Computer Science program offered by Metropolitan College. Prior to joining the faculty of Boston University in 1987 he worked for Digital Equipment Corporation as a Consultant. He traveled worldwide teaching customers and software engineers about Digital's operating systems, performance evaluation and various software products. He also has extensive experience as a systems programmer. 

Dr. Tis received his Ph.D. from Boston University where his dissertation title was "Object Based Distributed Kernels for Networks of Microcontrollers". 

He can be reached at (617) 521-2703, or at