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research and publications

My research interests include children's librarianship, issues in young adult and children's literature, series fiction, magazines for teenage girls, girls' studies and the intersections of reading and culture. The following bibliography of my academic and professional writing reflects my theoretical and practical approach to these topics.

academic monograph

Pattee, A. S. (2011). Reading the Adolescent Romance: "Sweet Valley High" and the Popular Young Adult Romance Novel. NY: Routledge.

reviews of Reading the Adolescent Romance:

Allen, A. (2012).  Breathlessly awaiting the next installment:  Revealing the complexity of young adult literature.  Children’s Literature, 40, 260-269.

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professional monograph

Pattee, A. S. (2013). Developing Library Collections for Today's Young Adults. Lanham, MD: Scarecrow.

academic journal articles

Moeller, R., Pattee, A., and Leeper, A. (2011). The young adult voice in research about young adults.The Journal of Research on Libraries and Young Adults 2 (1). 

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professional publications

Pattee, A. (2014).  Rethinking library collections for young adults.  Young Adult Library Services, 12 (3), 14-16.

Pattee, A. S. (2009). Expedient, but at what cost? School Library Journal, 55 (1), 20-21.

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book reviews

Pattee, A. S. (2007). Youth Information Seeking Behavior II:  Contexts, Theories, Models, and Issues, edited by Mary K. Chelton and Colleen Cool. Library and Information Science Research, 29 (4), 581-583.

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