week eleven




Good Food Website

Your complete Good Food website is due this class (12/3). Please review the Class 10 Assignments page for the complete assignment.

Final Project

Complete any last design changes for your mockups. Place a copy of your Final Photoshop mockup file on Vol2 for grading in the following folder:

Begin working on coding your finished mockups. Start by creating the HTML for all of your pages. Save yourself time by copying and pasting common elements (like the header, navigation, and footer) into each page. After your HTML has been created and validated, you should start working on your CSS.

Make sure to review the last three sections on the final page:

Almost the entire class next week will be an open workshop. I will be available to help and answer questions. Please make sure to get a good start on your coding before class next week so that you will have a good idea about things you might need help with.

Blog Assignment

There is no new blog assignment this week. Make sure to complete any previous blog posts that you have not done.