comm244: Class Two

week two

  • FAQs: How did the homework go?
  • Basic HTML5: Tags, entities, links, directory structure.
  • Quiz
  • Good Food
  • Introduction to Images for the Web



Learning Web Design:

  • Finish Chapter 5: 79-104.
  • Read Chapter 6.
  • Read Chapter 10: pages 181-186.
  • Read Chapter 11: pages 207-214.
  • Read Chapter 12: pages 225-227,229-243 (skip the section on webfonts, we'll get to that later; stop at "A Few More Selector Types").

Recommended Reading: (read if you need more instruction)

The site offers several good tutorials which allow you to practice HTML in your browser. If you are confused by the reading, try working through some of these examples.