Margaret S. Menzin

This page provides links to the courses that Margaret Menzin, Professor of Mathematics and Computer Science at Simmons College, is teaching this/last year.

It also provides links to the home pages for the Departments of Mathematics & Statistics and Computer Science & Informatics, and links to my notes on using Sage .

My Links and Resources for Web Centric Programming may be found in both current and older versions. They provide an extensive set of resources for programming in XHTML, CSS, JavScript, including jQuery, CGI and Server-Side Programming, Perl, XML and its extensions, Web Services and SOA, including SOAP and WSDL, and Web 2.0 including Ajax.

Recently I have been learning Node.js and have posted a series of notes on it for those who already know JavaScript and jQuery.

My "OMG Computer Science" provides a brief introduction to that field.

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