Comm 328 Responsive Web Design

Week 8 3.16


High Resolution Displays and Pixel Density

Class Exercises

Class critique on single page websites.

Discussion on responsive images will continue next week.


Read for week 8:

Review the reading from week 7 (below):


Single Page Story

Use feedback from the class critique to make finishing touches to your single page website. If there are aspects you're having trouble with figuring out (especially if they involve coding or JavaScript), come ask for help. Final graded version will be due next week.

Be sure to review all criteria for the assignment and cite all of your sources!


For next week create detailed sketches of your infographic website. The sketches should be done in at least 3 different sizes.

The sketches should:

  • clearly show and identify elements on the page
  • include the actual headlines you intend on using
  • include things like navigation and other user interface elements
  • indicate where your graphics go
  • include notes in the margins explaining what the elements are

See examples of sketches in the reading section above.

You may do your sketches by hand, but they must be neatly done and legible. If done by hand, scan them in and ensure that you can read them (especially important if you used pencil).

Update Class Website

Create a new section in your class website for the midterm project. Post each of the following things in the page:

  • Short description of your topic (should already have)
  • Your written content (should already have)
  • Your sketches