Comm 328 Responsive Web Design

Week 7 3.2


Class Exercises

Introduce basic JavaScript and jQuery to attach handlers to events. Learn enough JavaScript to implement our simple show/hide toggle in our responsive menu system from the Red Tomato page.

Below are the JavaScript files we created during class.

Finished responsive navigation example for Red Tomato

Relevant Library Code


Read for week 8:


Review the JavaScript notes from class today (posted above). Work through each of the three pages using the example files. You should have a copy of the files from class but can download them if you need a new copy.

We worked through much of these in class but there are some parts we didn't get to, particularly in the events section.

Complete the exercises at the bottom of each page. Post each of the three completed html pages to your class website.

Single Page Story

Your completed single page story will be due next class: Wednesday, March 16. View the assignment page for complete details.

Midterm: Infographic Project

For next class research and write the content for your infographic website. Start thinking about the different types of information you would like to apply and how you think it will work on various screen sizes. Have a completed draft of the content ready to turn in on Wednesday, March 16